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Mkulima Young Champion - At just 18 years of age, University of Nairobi Law student and farming!!

December 2013 was a hot season, and young man pocketed Sh 150,000

He is enjoying his law lessons but is seems Brian Kinyanjui is having his attention elsewhere.

He got into farming after inspiration from his grandmother, and now the 18 year old student is already enjoying the fruits of vegetable farming.

At his grandmother\'s one acre farm at Ngecha in Kiambu County, which he was just given free to use, Kinyanjui is slowly making serious money.

Records show he rakes in about Sh 40,000 a month from his variety of exotic vegetables; He has coriander, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, onions and several others.

"I like them because the demand is good and the margins higher than the local vegetables," he says.

He raised his start up capital of ksh 600 from his pocket money savings which he used to purchase seedlings.

He adds that he preferred them to livestock farming because livestock production is predictable. If it is a cow, you know how much it will produce, and the time it will produce. With vegetables, you never know how much will come out," says Kinyanjui.

In December, the gods of vegetables were on his side. He reaped Sh 150,000 from the sales linked to the festivities and he avers, "It shows there is big potential here."

A digital farmer, Kinyanjui gathers information from agri-business magazines and interacts with youthful farmers at Mkulima Young website. This platform will revolutionize how graduates and students view farming. There is money to be made, only a change of mindset is needed," he advises.

At the moment, he is recouping profits back to the a farm as well as spending a bit of it on his personal stuff. His vision? "I want to be a digital farming consultant; a reference for young people doing agriculture," he reiterates.

... Mkulima Young Team

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