How do I start Farming

How do I start farming? Its a common question. Here are important steps. .

  • Select a suitable site
  • Decide on the crops to grow depending on the available market and climate.
  • Decide on the system you are going to use (open field or greenhouse)
  • Carry out land layout taking into consideration roads, irrigation pipelines or buildings because if wrong layout is done it will be difficult and costly to resite.
  • Design a rotation programme which you are going to follow.
  • Land preparation can now be done taking into account the cost of clearing and preparing the land.
  • Consider labour requirements if manual labour is to be used.
  • Erect a fence for security purposes
  • Plant trees to act as windbreaks in case of strong wind.
  • Decide on the location of the compost pit and the nursery area
  • Decide on the irrigation method you are going to use.

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