Mkulima Young Champion - Medical couple doctoring fruits into vitamin rich fresh juices

Both work in hospital environments. The man is an Orthopaedic surgeon and the lady is an expert in anaethesiology. The couple Drs Levis and Spec Nguku, holds a masters degree from Makerere University and further training in Yonsei University in South Korea.

But when they retreat to their home in Kijabe where they work in a nearby hospital, the medical couple have a very fruitful engagement with fruits. They are scaling high heights in value addition, blending mouth-watering and vitamin rich juices from fruits they grow in their garden even as they buy extra fruits from selected farmers.

Trading as Specs, the couple does not only make fresh juices but also marmalades (lemon and orange), chilli and tomato sauces for sale.

In estimation from records already held, Specs, the some-how face of the business makes several litres of marmalades and juices every week from orders.

The orders have enabled her to boost her monthly income although she is shy to share the figures. "I see the value of what we do. It has encouraged me to serve my clients better as most are referrals," says Specs.

But it is not just about the money. "Apart from the money aspect, I love this trade because it enables us get chap healthy food," she says and reveals, "I grew up in the city and I still have a lot of nostalgia of eating fresh tomatoes, cucumber and bananas from my mum's small vegge's plot," says Specs.

Specs, a pain specialist, loves farming and doing it at this level is a big milestone in my career life. "It refreshes me after a hard day's work," says Specs.

Specs, 32, has always had a kitchen garden wherever she has lived and has shared the produce with neighbours.

Specs says her husband has been resourceful as he helps him in the business. "He samples the products and gives her ideas that can improve the products. He also helps a lot in the garden," She gives Mwanza a thumps up.

Their vision is to make affordable healthy products for their consumers and are in process of constant improvements.

Specs turned to her own home made marmalades after she failed to get the best quality from the shops. "They lacked adequate fruit content. My products are free from chemicals and I do not use any artificial preservatives," she explains.

Currently her kitchen garden has twenty different plants. She says her initial challenge was to get fruits of the same quality in the market. That's how they started growing their our own fruits. "Currently, we buy local produce from farmers that we know," she says.

She encourages young farmers and the youth in urban areas to have kitchen gardens in order to have sustainable food resources.

The basic requirements for making marmalades are Lemons, Oranges, Sugar and water. The juices are mango, beetroot, pears and seasonal fruits.

The chilli sauces are made from tomato sauce and chillies.

The tomato sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, herbs like mint, basil , salt, spices like cumin , chat masala etc and vegetable oil.

Specs uses Mkulima Young Soko to market her products - Orange Marmalades


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