Mkulima Young Champion - How pocket money yielded Sh 2.5 million tree money

Unlike many High School students, John Kamau never squandered all the money he was given as pocket money. He knew he could save  a part of it future use and that is how he found himself with Sh 18,200 when he cleared his secondary school.

At first, he did not know exactly how he wanted to invest the money.However, after thinking about a long term agricultural project, Kamau decided to buy eucalyptus seedlings. He bought 2,000 seedlings and planted them in a piece given by his grandfather in Muranga County.

As the trees were growing, Kamau’s passion for agriculture persisted. He enrolled for an Animal Health course at Mt Kenya University. “I was still thinking about agriculture. Even as I studied for Animal Health, I enrolled for another course in Artificial Insemination (AI) at Egerton University.
Poultry Farming
After graduating, he got a job with Mumu Farm as an assistant farm manager where he was managing pig, dairy and plantations of coffee and bananas. With the hands on experience in farm management he decided to venture into feed manicuring company where he got a job with Pwani feed in 2012. Here, he specialized in poultry.

And it is at this point that he would make his first million bob. By now the trees had matured and sold 500 posts to Kenya Power at Sh 5,000 each. “That was a cool Sh 2.5 million. It is the greatest profit I could ever imagine from pocket money,” says Kamau.

Kamau re-invested this money in an agrovet and boosted stock of dairy cows.

Kamau, 27, is now a consultant in dairy farming and poultry.  “With the earnings, I have been able to buy a Car which makes my movements easy for AI services”, says Kamau.

That is not all of Kamau’s earnings. Every month, he rakes in at least Sh 55,000 from his three dairy cows. He explains, “My three cows produce 70 litres which I sell at Sh 27 a litre.”

“There is money in agriculture. I have seen it.,” he concludes our interview.

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