Mkulima Young Champion (25yrs) - Straw berry cash making Joy more joyous

With about Sh 46,000 passing through Joy’s hands every month, it is not a  bad deal for a 25 year old lady, still at her parents’ home.

Joy’s new venture as a strawberry farmer is already bearing fruit, even as she works at a Nairobi publishing firm as a marketer.

Joy was motivated to start the strawberry farming by her parents. "I loved to see how they grew avocados, bananas and apples in our half an acre plot. I loved the scenery and the freshness of the fruits," says Joy.

At her Kasarani plot which she got from her father, Joy’s crop now numbers 600 plants and thousands of strawberry seedlings. She reveals her secret. "I grow them from seeds not splits as many farmers do. Splits are not the best in propagation of strawberries since they can transfer diseases," says Joy.

Joy avers that the strawberries propagated from seedlings produce big sized fruits compared to the one propagated by splits.

From her small plot Joy an average of 500 seedlings per week at ksh 20per seedlings." In a good week I can also sell 1,200 seedlings," says Joy. She also harvests about 15 kg per harvest and she is able to harvest twice per week. She has got a reliable client who buys the strawberries at Sh 300 per kg.


With this, Joy has contributed to job creation in the city. "I have one full time shamba boy," she says lightheartedly.

The Business Management graduate from Moi University has set her sights even higher. "I am now selling seedlings of grapes and the Kiwi fruit. Soon I will be making a bit of money from them," says Joy.

Joy reveals that she has been posting her products on Mkulima Young website’s Soko segment. "Things sell faster here," she avers.

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