Title:TIPS on Layers Chicken Rearing
Category:livestock management
2017-03-03 10:37:51

For hybrid layer birds, consider the Issa Brown which you can source from Kenchic. In management, provide supplemental heating using infra-red bulbs for the first four weeks of the chicks’ life.

Vaccination procedure should be as follows; New Castle Disease (NCD) at day 7, Gumboro at day 14, fowl typhoid at week 9, fowl pox at week 18 and de-worm at 19 weeks just before laying begins and, thereafter, de-worm after every six months.

Provide chick mash of 35 to 75g/chick/day between 0-7 weeks. This should be increased gradually such that the birds are fed 75g/bird/day by the sixth week.

Introduce growers mash gradually during the seventh week, thereafter provide 75-110g/bird/day of growers mash until 20 weeks of age. Finally, the adults should be fed 110-140g/bird/day of layers mash. Ensure the feed is of good quality.

Avoid abrupt changes in source of feed and feeding times. These factors greatly affect egg production. Provide clean water daily.

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